Onsite Callouts

Are you looking for on-site maintenance and PC repairs? We carry out a large number of repairs every day and help your business get back online

Small Business Specialists

We specialise in small / medium size business IT and helping out new startup businesses find their feet online or with technology in general and are always up to the challenge of the larger businesses.


Ashlin Technology Services offer a wide range of tech services to help your business achieve its full potential in an ever increasing online world.


At Ashlin Technology Services, we can provide your business with all your I.T needs in one place, whether you need logos and business cards designed, product labels and stickers arranged, or you are just after a new PC to do your work on we have you covered!

Some of the Business Services available:-

  • Hardware supply, installation and training
  • Software supply, installation and training
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing Consultancy
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Online competitor analysis
Some of the Business products available:
  • Computers (PC’s)
  • Printes
  • Faxes/Copiers
  • Cameras
  • Software

Some of the Graphic Design work available:-

  • Logo design
  • Website banner creation
  • Business photography
  • Facebook page banner and profile image creation
  • Flier design, product label design.
 Contact Us and get in touch today and we can start helping you plan an I.T solution that suits your Business.

Device & Network Audits

Do you know what IT infrastructure you own? How many PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers and other IT equipment do you have?

Do you waste a lot of time and money keeping licenses and applications up to date?

Is your business impacted by IT equipment being out of service?

Sales, Upgrades, Repairs & Maintenance

Are you making IT purchases in line with what will benefit your business?

Are you waiting until your business is impacted by outdated or poorly maintained IT infrastructure before you are doing something about it?

Can you get IT help on site when you need it?

Website Services

Are you making the most of the internet for your business?

Are you losing business to your competitors because they have a better website than you?

Have you just started a new business and need to market it to the world?

Do you have the time to maintain your website or would your time be better spent maintaining your business?


From simple sites to custom shopping carts, the sky is the limit with Ashlin Technology Services, just check out our Portfolio.

For more information on Web Design click here… Web Design or check out our Portfolio.

Mobile Sites :-

Keep up with the times, over 75% of users primarily use their mobile devices for viewing websites. Be mobile ready…

Other services include…

  • Facebook:- Facebook page creation and integration with new or existing web sites.
  • Graphic Design:- Various graphic design options like flyer design, logo design, product label design and various other graphic design work…
  • Online Business Analysis and reporting:- We compare your business in its market online and provide a report of where you sit online, who else is out there and how their sites are going so you can go online knowing what your competition is up to..

Network Services

How do you know who is connecting to your network and when?

Does your network slow your business down or add value to the way you do business?

Would your business benefit most from a cabled network or a wireless network?

Would your business benefit from moving your telephone network onto your computer network so that there is only one network to maintain?

IT Security

Do you have a secure IT environment?

Would your business survive if someone was accessing your important business information?

How would your business cope without access to email or the internet for an extended period of time?

How long could your business cope without IT services to support it?

Website Services

Are you making the most of the internet for your business?

Are you losing business to your competitors because they have a better website than you?

Have you just started a new business and need to market it to the world?

Do you have the time to maintain your website or would your time be better spent maintaining your business?


Ashlin Technology Services are pleased to announce they are now a Dell Certified Partner. We can help you with any Dell product you might require.


Ashlin Technology Services Virus Protection

Spyware and Virus prevention is one of the biggest things facing you and your computing.  We can assist you with all aspects of these threats including the removal of nasty and intrusive spyware, malware and viruses.  Also we can prevent these items showing up with solid protection and a little training.

We will explain as much as we can in reference to the items we find when cleaning your computer and will work together with you in stopping these infections in the future.

Call or email us and we will discuss your situation and give you a quote.


We specialize in data recovery for your PC, Laptop, External Hard Drive’s and other devices.  All repairs are completed to the highest possible standards and are inspected on a case by case basis.  

We have professionals in place to speak to you about your Computer issues, and have high end Data Recovery associates with clean rooms in place for those “difficult” cases. Contact us today.

Ashlin Technology Services Data Recovery


Ashlin Computers New & Used PC's

There are a lot of options out there for new devices and we can assist you with buying new laptop, desktop, all-in-one or tablet so do call us. 

Intel or AMD? Dell or HP? Apple or Microsoft? Display Port or HDMI? We’re waiting for your enquiry and we will help point you in the right direction and set you up in the perfect machine for you and your needs!

 If you require a new custom computer system built to YOUR specifications then just request a quote on our site! 

In fact, if you need any IT gear then send an email, call in and see us in our showroom, or just give us a call and we will set you up with the best PC for your needs – GUARANTEED!


We service, repair and maintain all brands of laptops, desktops, all-in-ones PCs and most phones and tablets in the Albury / Wodonga region.  

If you have any issues with your device then drop us a line or call in and see us in our showroom.

Is your laptop running a little slow, not getting you to those Websites, has a cracked screen, has a noisy fan or is running hot? Then we can help!  Call us for a quote.

Ashlin Technology Services Laptop Repairs


Ashlin Technology Services takes the safety of our customers, the community and our staff members very seriously and we are doing everything we can to help stop the spread of COVID19 and minimise the risk to those around us.

As such a number of temporary changes are currently in place in .
See our COVID19 Notice for more details. 

There are many ways we can help you safely, so get in touch today!